3 Gardening Habits to Cultivate

The more you wade into the world of gardening the more you learn. You never stop learning.

So, If you do not cultivate a few habits you may find yourself in the deep end and completely overwhelmed. If you ever find yourself in that situation, let us know and we will be more than happy to help! To get you started on the right track here 3 habits to cultivate ASAP!

Use Plant Tags 

The purpose of a plant tag is to help you identify a plant and also to attach any important and relevant information to the plant in question. e.g plant name, date planted.

This is even more helpful for gardeners growing plants from seed. Imagine planting different things in 12 separate pots. With time you can forget what you have planted which can make it difficult to identify a plant's needs.

You can always buy plant labels (available in our online store) or you can upcycle by reusing plastic cutlery with enough surface area to write on with a permanent marker e.g. a white plastic spoon or knife from your local eatery.

Check under the leaves 

It is important to frequently examine your plants because you can figure out problems before they get out of hand.

Just admiring a plant from above is not always enough. It is a good idea to look under the leaves. You can learn so much from doing this because bugs, pests and other little critters can hide or lay their eggs there.

So you can imagine what happens when they get comfortable there or their eggs hatch....Your plant becomes their food!

There are several ways to prevent or control bug and pest infestation but it is a good idea to do this organically as there are some insects that are very beneficial to a garden. Most non-organic methods can kill all bugs and pests both beneficial and non-beneficial. So best to be careful what method you go with.

Is your plant Thirsty or Drowning? 

The one main mistake that gardening newbies make has to do with Watering.

"Don't kill your plants with kindness! Too much water is far worse than too little."

I simple way to find out if your plant is thirsty is to stick your finger into the soil up to your second knuckle. If you feel moisture in the soil then it should be fine for another day or so. If your finger comes our bone dry then give your plant a thorough watering.