Growing Ornamental Plants

To add beauty to your existing indoor and outdoor landscape, start growing ornamental plants.

Ornamentals bring a unique aesthetic vibe that other types of plants won’t do. Primarily, they serve the purpose of bringing beauty.

There are different types of ornamental plants from flowering to foliage, trees, and shrubs. Each of them requires varying growing requirements. It’s better to search for care guides before you purchase any ornamentals just so you could prepare.

Here are some considerations before you grow a particular ornamental plant:

Site or Location

Not all ornamental plants are suited to the environment where you live in. Consider the climate type in your area. In Nigeria, we have a very tropical climate with two distinct seasons: the dry and wet seasons. Choose plants that can withstand or at least have grown acclimated to these seasons.

Examples of ornamentals you can grow are birds of paradise, strelitzia, canna lily, flame of the woods (Ixora), and queen of night.

Indoors vs Outdoors

Where do you plan to put your ornamentals? Is it indoors or outdoors? Some plants are more suited for indoor settings while others are better off outside. One important factor to consider is the light requirement of the chosen plant. Make sure to determine this firsthand by doing a bit of research.

Other ornamentals can adapt to both conditions so you can grow them either inside or outside your home. Always ask for a care guide whenever you buy ornamental plants.

Annuals vs Perennials

Ornamental plants have varying life cycles too. Some are annuals while others are perennials. Annual ornamentals are those that complete their life cycle in a year. This means that the plant will die after and you have to renew your garden.

For perennials, there’s no need to replant annually because it will take years before they die. However, maintenance is necessary such as repotting and pruning to keep them healthy, and flourishing.

For available ornamental seeds, check the LGC catalog here.

In-ground vs Potted

Each ornamental plant has a different growing habit. Some are vining, some are shrubs or mini-trees while others are spreading and mat-forming. Consider this when deciding whether to plant them directly in the ground or in containers.

Generally, potted plants are easier to manage because you have more liberty in controlling their sizes and care. You can also make use of decorative pots to enhance the appearance of your plants. However, you will have to exert extra effort in keeping the soil healthy.

In-ground gardens usually require extensive management to maintain the beauty of your landscape.

Aesthetic Value

Of course, this should be a primary consideration. We grow ornamentals because we want to add or enhance the beauty of our environment. Choose ornamentals that are aesthetically pleasing when combined.

It would be better to establish a variety such as flowers, foliage, bulbs, ornamental trees, and grasses. Some ornamentals may be rare in the collection and they come with a hefty price. Nevertheless, they can be good investments too especially if you’re planning to propagate and sell them.