Limequat (Citrus floridana)

Limequat (Citrus floridana) - Savvy Gardens Centre
Limequat (Citrus floridana) - Savvy Gardens Centre

Limequat (Citrus floridana)

The limequat (Citrus × floridana) is a citrus hybrid that is the result of a cross between the Key lime and the kumquat.

It is a small tree that grows into a contained bushy form. The leaves are characteristically citrus-like. The limequat produces an abundance of fruit even at a young age. The fruit is small, oval, greenish-yellow and contains seeds or pips. It has a sweet-tasting skin and a bitter-sweet pulp with a flavor similar to limes. The fruit can be eaten whole or the juice and rind can be used to flavor drinks and dishes. It has considerable amounts of vitamin C and is highly acidic.

Limequats are used in cocktails and fruit salads, and can be candied whole. They can be cooked if the seeds are removed, as they impart a bitter taste, and they can also be made into conserves.

Available in 30cm pots and are fruiting.


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