Monstera Adansonii-Wide-Form

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Monstera Adansonii-Wide-Form

Monstera adansonii (wide form) is the ever-popular plant commonly referred to as a "Swiss Cheese Plant". They get this name from their unique foliage that fenestrates, which means it develops holes in the leaves. Monstera adansonii is a great indoor plant for beginners and expert houseplant lovers alike. Give it a pole to climb and the leaves will get larger and larger. Their leaves can reach up to 2' in length! Caring for your Monstera adansonii is very easy. This exotic plant loves to dry out between watering. Provide it with bright indirect light for a happy, healthy plant!

Photo for illustration only. Actual products may vary due to the nature of the product. Plants are sold in pot\nursery buckets.

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